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About the NHRA

Now in its fifth decade, the National Hot Rod Association (NHRA) is the world's largest motorsports sanctioning body with more than 85,000 members, 144 member tracks, 32,000 licensed competitors, and nearly 4,000 member-track events.  The NHRA national-event tour passes through 18 cities in all regions of the United States, bringing its excitement to millions each year. The events are four-day spectacles of color and speed, chrome and flash, and ingenuity and engineering.

Drag Racing is unique among motorsports because fans have direct access to the teams.  Your customer interacts face-to-face with your celebrity endorser.  Fans can watch their heroes up close at work, and then cheer for them on the track.  Face-to-face interaction, whether with racers in the pits or with vendors in the Manufacturers' Midway, is a key component to NHRA's success.  It results in knowledgeable fans that are fiercely loyal to the sponsors who support their sport.  A staggering 70 percent say they’re more likely to choose sponsors' products over comparable brands. On the track and in the market place, no sport moves faster than NHRA Championship Drag Racing.  There's no better time to get involved.  Media exposure is at an all-time high.  Racing venues are bigger and more impressive than ever imagined.  NHRA's intense racing series provide a sensory experience unrivaled anywhere.  NHRA's 68 million fans are a committed, enthusiastic audience with above-average discretionary income.  NHRA's 68 million fans, are your customers.

NHRA sponsorship gives you name recognition in the marketplace.  Its demographics meet your marketing goals.

On-site merchandising at events plays a key role in the success of overall corporate marketing strategies, and the NHRA is committed to working in the close partnership with its racers and sponsors to maximize their exposure and promotional opportunities in the marketplace.  “Race on Sundays, Sell on Mondays" was once a popular slogan used by the Detroit Automakers.  While the same philosophy applies today, the "Sales" extend far beyond Monday sales. It embraces the need to create and maintain an image in the marketplace and employs the racetrack as a visibility and exposure for company products.

Drag Racing is far more valuable to sponsors since it is a participant sport. Drivers and spectators will purchase products during and after the races.  NHRA Drag Racing delivers to its audience more effectively and efficiently than traditional advertising approaches – one of the key reasons that so many companies have found that being involved in Drag Racing makes sound economic sense. Your company's logo and information will not only be displayed on the car and transporter during the race, but unlike most other forms of racing, the fans are encouraged to walk into the pit area to meet the drivers and watch the teams work. This gives me the opportunity to promote your company in a more up close and personal way.  By having handouts with a picture of the car on one side and your promotional material along with information about the car and myself on the other, it gives the fan a souvenir they will take home and keep for a long time. With everything from tee shirts to die cast collectibles, much of the impact of your promotional dollar will reach far beyond the racetrack and continue long after the race is over.

A Cost Efficient Opportunity

Today's advertisers, faced with an ever increasing number of media options and rising media costs, are demanding more cost efficient, creative and effective ways to reach large audiences.  One form of marketing, Motorsports Marketing, has won the widespread approval and favor of the corporate community.  Motorsports offers a superior solution for controlling escalating costs and shrinking audiences while increasing market exposure.  When a company buys commercial time during a televised sporting event, it receives seconds or minutes worth of exposure.  But when a company chooses to participate in an event itself, it receives thousands of lasting, quality impressions throughout the course of the event.  Motorsports Marketing's cost-per-thousand impressions can be significantly lower than that of traditional marketing venues.

Create a High Performance, Winning, Market "Leader" image as a major sponsor of Greg Thomas Racing’s NHRA PRO Stock Team.  Greg Thomas Racing can deliver to those millions of loyal fans an exciting, motivating environment for successful marketing.  This is done in several ways.

·      Exposure at the racetrack by the car, crew uniforms, color printed handouts and T-shirt sales.

·      The transporter at the track and traveling across the country.

·      Media and Television exposure.

·      Press releases throughout the year to various racing news organizations, National Dragster Magazine, Drag Review Magazine & other various, popular nationwide newspapers.

·      On-line exposure on www.GregThomasRacing.com, www.NHRA.com, www.DragRaceCentral.com and many more.

·      Racecar and transporter display at one of your local business locations the week of the event.

·      Programs to entertain key employees and corporate clients along with related incentive programs.

In conclusion, the bottom line is that Drag Racing offers sponsors a unique opportunity to focus clearly on their marketing objectives, to reinforce their corporate image to thousands of current and potential customers, increase product market share and earn a maximum return on their sponsorship investment.  “Regional” strengths turn into “Nationwide” strengths with Greg Thomas Racing giving your company exposure in all four corners on the Country.  That is why innovative "Fortune 500 Companies” are involved in the sport of NHRA Drag Racing.  It’s good business!



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